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Like to Pin?

We are always asked, so do you love or hate what Pinterest has done to wedding photography? And our answer is…


But we realize many photographers despise the word PINTEREST every time they hear it. Hear is why we love it… Brides who were never into photography or even knew what good images looked like are now suddenly way into imagery. It gives us a great idea of the brides style. It in many cases gives us a blueprint of exactly what she wants her album to look like. It allows us to make a clipboard and show the bridal party and coupel to visualize before we try to explain to them what we want them to do.

Can it be frustrating? Maybe we all get tired of the same old shots that people refer to as wedding pinterest photos, but on the other hand… it is astart to creativity. So let’s just embrace!

Last weekend I shot a wedding with a “Pinterest Bride” that did an amazing job of letting us know what she wanted… but first watch the film…


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